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Motorcycle Rear-end Accident Injuries

All accidents have the potential of causing serious injury wounds to victims. In the case of rear-end collisions between a motor vehicle and motorcycle injuries may be severe and permanent. The injuries sustained by motor vehicle occupants may not be…

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Rear End Accidents and Compensation

In most cases rear end collisions are caused by the driver behind the other vehicle. But the claim itself may not be that simple. If this accident happens to you, you have two claims. One claim is for the damage…

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A Vinson Law Thank You

When we speak of milestones in general, it is assumed to be a goal reached. However, the original meaning of the word milestone refers to "a stone set up on the road to mark the distance in miles to a…

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Whiplash Injuries and Valuation

Whiplash is defined as “a non-medical term used to describe neck pain following an injury to the soft tissues of the neck (specifically ligaments, tendons and muscles)”. It is important to note that damages in a whiplash case are normally…

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Valuing Injuries: Soft Tissue Injuries

Valuing Injuries: Soft Tissue Injuries Valuing an injury is difficult, especially if the personal injury case goes to trial. At trial it is up to the jury to decide the value of the case. This article will discuss the valuing…

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Auto Accidents: Parking lot accidents

Parking lot accidents According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, twenty percent (20%) of all car accidents happen in commercial parking lots. When parking lot accidents happen there is usually property damage but in some cases they cause serious…

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Side impact collisions

Side impact collisions A side impact collision is where a car hits another car at an angle of ninety degrees (90°). Side impact collisions are also called roadside or T-bone collisions. Side impact collisions are number two (2) after head-on…

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Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions Head-on collisions are the most serious type of car accident, even when the vehicle is moving at slow speeds. Head-on collisions are said to make up two percent (2%) of all accidents. However, account for more than ten…

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