Testicular Mesothelioma

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Testicular Mesothelioma Explained

Testicular mesothelioma is the rarest type of mesothelioma. It accounts for less than one percent of all mesothelioma cases. It develops mainly in men who of the age 60 and above.

Testicular mesothelioma occurs when cancer cells in the lining of the testicles begin to multiply or replicate uncontrollably.

How asbestos causes testicular mesothelioma

The mesothelial lining allows for free movement of the testicles, this lining is called tunica vaginalis. When mesothelioma develops in the tunica vaginalis, the lining starts to thicken and produces fluid buildup. Asbestos exposure has been associated with some cases of testicular mesothelioma. However, there is no conclusive evidence that supports that asbestos exposure is the definite cause of testicular mesothelioma. Approximately 35% of all testicular mesothelioma cases have a history of asbestos exposure.

Due to the lack of conclusive research it is hard to diagnose the disease. It is even harder because the symptoms are similar to several other illnesses.


Testicular mesothelioma symptoms appear 20-50 years after the initial exposure to asbestos. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Swelling and pain of scrotum
  • Lump in the scrotum
  • Buildup of fluid in the scrotum

Because it has similar symptoms as several other illnesses testicular mesothelioma is accurately diagnosed after a biopsy.


The general life expectancy for testicular mesothelioma patients is twenty months and above. This is a better outlook compared to other types of mesothelioma. Early detection is the key to higher life expectancy.


Surgery is the preferred treatment for testicular mesothelioma in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation; this is to stop the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.


In September 2013, a South Carolina jury awarded L.S. Garvin $38 million as compensation for testicular mesothelioma related to asbestos exposure.

You too can bring your claim to Vinson Law and they will litigate in your behalf.

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