The Cost of Your Lawsuit

Posted on Thursday, June 11th, 2020 at 7:14 am    

Each year thousands of patients in the United States suffer from medical malpractice issues. The two main causes of these issues are medical errors and negligence. When medical staff move away from the standard care, this directly contributes to medical malpractice. And often that leaves them and healthcare facilities open to litigation. Before pursuing a lawsuit, there are certain factors to be taken into consideration by the victim of injury. This article will discuss cost deciding factors that determine filing a medical malpractice claim.

Lawsuit Cost: Time, Money, Energy

When pursuing a lawsuit against a person or entity this requires a great deal of money, time and energy. The lawsuit may come at the expense of everything else that demands a person’s attention. This could include aspects such as family, friends, work and a social life. Another major concern is ensuring that there is enough evidence or testimony provided in order to strengthen the case. Such evidence must be strong against the defending physician or hospital. According to statistics, more than half of all verdicts in medical malpractice suits are in favor of the defending party. The victim may not see any compensation as a result of this. Statistics show that there is almost a 30% chance of winning a case. As such the plaintiff and the legal team must be sure there is a possibility of success.

Count the Cost

Because of the related difficulties and costs of such cases, experienced and reliable lawyers often are selective of representing cases. The selection basically looks at the potential of success in the case. Screening the facts for these cases may prove if there is a possibility of a win or loss. The costs involved in the case may include:

  • investigations by professionals,
  • expert witnesses,
  • thorough research into the specific form of medical malpractice

One common factor considered in a medical malpractice suit is the nature of the action taken by the facility or physician. Another factor is the severity of the injury. Severity is measured as to whether the injuries inflicted are permanent or temporary.





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