Trial and Appeal Process – Advantages of Settling

Posted on Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 at 4:18 am    

It is no secret that most personal injury cases are settled out of court. Often this happens well before the case goes to trial. And in some cases, before it is even filed in court. There are a number of advantages linked to out of court settlements as compared to litigation. This article will discuss trial and appeal process as advantages of settling your personal injury case out of court.

Trial and Appeal Process

It must be noted that the trial process will likely begin over a year after the initial lawsuit was filed. Therefore, there is a yearlong waiting period to get to trial. Even when it comes to pretty simple personal injury cases, the whole process, may take three or four years. This includes the period from filing the lawsuit to trial award.  Further, even after one party wins the trial the legal justice system allows for the other party to appeal. Appealing the decision is done in a higher court. This means even if the plaintiff is given a large jury award, the defendant may choose to appeal the decision. By appealing, this puts on hold any money to be paid to the plaintiff by the defendant. This further lengthens the uncertainty of another court decision on the plaintiff’s award.

Conversely, in settlements, the parties know exactly how much money will be given by the defendant to the plaintiff. And once the settlement agreement is signed and money handed over, both parties put the matter behind them. The act of settling is so final that the parties continue with their lives after signing the agreement. Settlements cannot be appealed, once the settlement agreement is signed that is the end of the case.

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