Veteran Affairs Compensation Types

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Veteran Affairs Compensation Types

Veteran Affairs Compensation Types

Veteran Affairs Compensation Types

There are four Veteran Affairs compensation types available to veterans and their dependents. They are:

  1. Disability Compensation
  2. Healthcare Services
  3. Special Monthly Compensation
  4. Dependency And Indemnity Compensation


Disability Compensation

This form of compensation is paid out monthly. The amount paid out is determined by the veteran’s disability level suffered. The disability level is put into a percentage scale of between zero percent (0%) and one hundred percent (100%). Mesothelioma and other cancers have a disability rating of one hundred percent (100%).

The government veterans compensation benefit rate for mesothelioma starts at $2 800 per month. The amount increases depending on the number of dependents a veteran has. For example, a veteran with a spouse and one child would receive $3 037 per month, while a veteran without dependents would receive $2 800 per month.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare services are a provision of health care at several treatment centers available across the country. These health care centers are available to all veterans who were exposed to asbestos while on active duty. Some Veteran Affairs treatment centers offer specialized care for mesothelioma patients, one such example is the Boston Veteran Affairs Healthcare System.

Special Monthly Compensation

The special monthly compensation is a monthly benefit paid to veterans who are housebound, bedridden or disabled to the point of requiring the aid and attendance of someone else for care i.e. a caregiver. The compensation is available to spouses and parents of veterans. The amount of compensation is dependent on how much aid and attendance is required by the veteran. However, the amount paid out monthly is between $250 and $650.

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation

This is known for its abbreviation DIC. This compensation is available to the surviving spouse of a veteran whose death was caused by a service-related disability. The amount for compensation is $1 195 per month.

To receive this compensation, the spouse must file a DIC claim regardless of whether their loved one was receiving disability compensation or not. If the veteran was not receiving disability compensation, the spouse must provide information documenting the on service-related asbestos exposure.

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