When is the best time to file a claim?

Posted on Thursday, March 12th, 2020 at 7:56 am    

In the state of Florida drivers have a specific. For which they can file a car accident claim. According to the law a claim must be filed within four years of getting into an accident. If you fail to meet the deadline it is not possible for the injured person to receive compensation. Most people think that 4 years is a long time but this time can pass very quickly.

It is important to note that while the law dictates a specific time limit other time limits to exist. One such time limit is that of insurance company deadlines. Before filing a claim against the other driver, you can file a claim with your own insurance company. This is possible whether or not it was your fault. However, if you are going to file a claim with your insurance company there are such requirements. Some of these requirements include the following:

  • Seek medical treatment within a two-week span
  • Visit a hospital or go to your primary physician

These two requirements are extremely important. Failure to get any medical treatment within two weeks your insurance company won’t provide you with compensation for your claim.

Does Time Matter?

Some people are not eager to file a claim after an accident. In some cases, this is because they are trying to recover from everything that has happened. This is especially difficult if the injured person is in hospital and unable to go home because of their injuries. However, it is important to move quickly to get the process started. By filing a claim as soon as possible, you will have more evidence of the injuries caused by the accident.

If you wait too long to file a claim witnesses who saw the accident happened may forget some accident details. Or the other driver may get their car fixed. Contact a personal injury lawyer about the accident and the lawyer will help file your claim and gather evidence.


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