Winnability – How Winnable is Your Case? Pt. 2

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 at 4:38 am    

Injuries and deaths caused by car accidents are messy and complicated. They often require the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases or insurance claims. Personal injury claims may require extensive evidence, witness testimony and other factors making it hard to do on your own. This article will discuss how a car accident lawyer assesses whether a case is winnable or not. Winnability is based on specific aspects of the case.

Winnability – Injuries

Another aspect taken into consideration is that of injuries. The lawyer will assess the injuries sustained from the car accident and any related harm caused. The wounds must be a direct result of the incident even if they are discovered weeks or days later. The possibility of hiring a lawyer in a case that only involves minimal damage to the body is unlikely. However, the more evidence taken of the injuries, the better and stronger the case will be. This information is then conveyed to the insurance company and opposing counsel. In most cases, minor harm may be covered easily by insurance policies. However, when severe harm or injuries and property damage exist these tend to cause difficulty in fully resolving. And a fair resolution is only possible with a legal representative.

Winnability – Evidence

When liability and injuries are determined the heart of the case lies on evidence. In fact, most cases revolve around evidence in order to win a claim. The greater the amount of evidence collected and proven the better it is for the legal team. And the higher the chances of success through settlement. One article notes that more compensation may be pursued when more quality evidence has been provided that may be verified. Evidence backs up the claim and the lawyer may properly argue for more monetary payout.

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