Asbestos Employment and Exposure

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 at 9:26 am    

Asbestos Employment and Exposure

A person can be exposed to asbestos directly or indirectly. It is usually because of exposure to asbestos that a person can develop mesothelioma. Generally, mesothelioma affects employees who work with or around asbestos materials and products.

Asbestos products can be found in certain locations and in certain industries. The most common industries that use asbestos products are construction for coating insulation, pipes and bricks. Asbestos products are also common in household products, drywall, flooring and roofing, and in paints and sealants. Some appliances also have asbestos materials in them as well as plastic and rubber products. It may come as a surprise that even mattresses, some furniture, hats and gloves also have asbestos materials and fibres.

Asbestos Employment

One article stated that ‘there are over 75 occupational groups that suffer exposure to asbestos across the nation’. Common forms of employment found in shipyards, around watercrafts and in housing have the dangerous material. And it is because of the presence of asbestos that many employees must file claims in order to receive compensation for any danger caused by exposure to asbestos.

If you are at risk of asbestos exposure this could lead to the development of mesothelioma. If this happens to you, you will need a lawyer to initiate the claim against the company. In most cases exposure to asbestos is because of negligence on the part of the company. Or it could be the intentional use of asbestos products by the company. It is hard to prove negligence, however, with legal help your claim can be successful. It is important to have a lawyer at the very beginning of your claim to help investigate the matter. A lawyer will also seek valuable evidence so as to pursue your claim.
Hiring a lawyer is usually the first step in pursuing a mesothelioma claim. Contact the Vinson Law Office for legal advice and representation today.

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