Asbestos Facts

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Asbestos facts

  • The use of asbestos was stopped in the U.S. in the late 1970s
  • Asbestos has had a negative impact of lives in the U.S. during the last 30 years
  • Asbestos is still found throughout the U.S mainly in old homes, factories and commercial buildings

    Asbestos Facts - Asbestos don'ts

    Asbestos Facts – Asbestos don’ts

  • The peak use of asbestos was in the late 1930s right up to the 1970s
  • Mesothelioma is the second most diagnosed cancer caused by asbestos
  • U.S. Navy veterans who served during World War II have the highest incidence of asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis
  • Asbestos has been declared a human carcinogen because of its association with cancer
  • Asbestos exposure is almost exclusively the cause of mesothelioma
  • It is said that there are up to 30 million pounds of asbestos still in use each year in the U.S.
  • The number one cause of job related cancer in the U.S. is asbestos
  • Asbestos accounts for 54% of job related cancers
  • An estimate of 125 million people in the world today are exposed to asbestos in the workplace
  • An estimate of 1.3 million general industry workers in the U.S. are potentially exposed to asbestos each year
  • Since 1979 approximately 45,000 Americans have died of asbestos related diseases.
  • 200,000 people are currently living with asbestosis
  • Asbestos is still mined in some countries such as Canada
  • The longer the asbestos exposure the higher the risk of developing mesothelioma, asbestosis or other asbestos related diseases
  • Some associated asbestos related diseases are lung cancer, ovarian cancer and laryngeal cancer
  • The combination of asbestos exposure and smoking increases the risk of lung cancer
  • Asbestos was once used for common household products. For example; toasters, irons
    Asbestos Facts - Asbestos removal sign

    Asbestos Facts – Asbestos removal sign

  • Since the 1970s the people most at risk of asbestos exposure are: demolition workers, fire fighters, drywall removers, asbestos removal workers and automobile workers
  • Asbestos exposure risk is determined by four factors:
  1. Quantity how much one was exposed to
  2. Duration  how long was one exposed to asbestos
  3. Type what type of asbestos was one exposed to
  4. Source where did the asbestos come from
  • Veterans who develop mesothelioma, asbestosis and other asbestos related diseases as a result of asbestos exposure in the military qualify for benefits from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. This includes disability compensation, special monthly compensation and service related death benefits for the surviving family members

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