The Cost of an Expert Witness

Posted on Thursday, February 4th, 2021 at 5:01 am    

In asbestos lawsuits, expert witnesses are a necessary part of the case. The role of an expert witness is to provide information to the jury that is not a matter of common knowledge. However, expert witnesses are said to be experts in their field or profession, such as doctors. Since expert witnesses are a necessary feature of asbestos lawsuits, the question is what does an expert witness cost?

The Cost of an Expert Witness

It has been noted that using an expert witness is much more beneficial than calling one’s treating physician to testify. This is based on many factors that are possessed by expert witnesses, some of these beneficial factors include:

  • Experience in testifying, which gives expert witnesses credibility to the jury and the ability to anticipate questions from the defense. And the best way of presenting information to the jury.
  • Expert witnesses are able to link asbestos fibers to the asbestos-related disease, while treating doctors are experts in treating.
  • Expert witnesses also possess specialized medical knowledge that makes them experts. They’re able to ascertain how many asbestos fibers are in the lung tissue of a person not exposed to asbestos. In addition, they are able to identify different kinds of asbestos fibers.

As noted above, a patient’s treating physician is not in the best position to provide expert testimony in the case.

Cost vs Benefits

The question then is how much does an expert witness cost. It is important to note that expert witnesses often charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their services. Further, the cost of an expert witness is usually the largest cost in any asbestos case. This is why settlements made near the end of the case may seem to have a lot of cost deducted. However, it is important to remember that without expert reports and testimony, your settlement is almost certainly much lower. Or the defendant may choose not to settle at all.

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