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Posted on Sunday, February 7th, 2021 at 2:14 am    

The majority of personal injury claims are a result of a one-time incident that involves a few people. For example, in the case of a car accident. It is not uncommon for persons involved in such personal injury claims to handle their own personal injury matters. However, an asbestos lawsuit is the result of years of exposure to asbestos products at times from multiple manufacturers. Such claims require expert medical and scientific evidence in order to receive compensation. This article and subsequent ones will discuss the need for an asbestos attorney in asbestos-related cases.

Accounting for Bankruptcy

For decades asbestos was hailed as being the miracle mineral and was used in a variety of products. Some of these products included fireproofing, gaskets, drywall, joint compound, etc. However, asbestos is dangerous right from the point of removing it from the ground. Thus, liability for an asbestos-related disease can extend to the asbestos mining company that removed it from the ground. And go further to manufacturers of products that contain large amounts of asbestos.

It is not uncommon that many asbestos manufacturing companies and mines have gone bankrupt. As a result, this means that such companies cannot be sued in a regular court. The majority of these major manufacturers and suppliers of asbestos containing products have established asbestos claims bankruptcy trusts. These trusts our funds stored up for victims of asbestos related injury. In order to benefit from the funds in these trusts medical and exposure evidence are required. Just like in a normal personal injury case. This is where your attorney is able to put forth your bankruptcy claim. The attorney will ensure that such a claim is prepared properly and receives the right attention.

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