Construction Workers and Asbestos Pt. 2

Posted on Saturday, July 4th, 2020 at 1:31 pm    

Scientists have proven that exposure to asbestos is deadly to individuals that are around the material. As a result, it is important that employers protect workers from such potential hazards. This article will discuss what legal claims are available to construction workers and asbestos related injuries.

A lawsuit may be brought forward if a company fails to make sure asbestos does not harm workers. Usually, construction workers are the most at risk for health problems and injuries in older buildings lined with asbestos. This means that any one of the employees may be exposed if certain protections are not available.

Workers and Asbestos PPE

There are many ways available to protect workers from asbestos materials. Various types of equipment and gear may be put on to filter air. Such gear and equipment ensure that the worker does not inhale contaminated air and that they avoid exposure. A breach of care occurs when the company fails to protect the worker.

In most cases the injuries suffered due to exposure are significant. However, proving the fibers are the reason the worker has been harmed may be difficult. As such, it is necessary to use an expert witness. These are professionals who have knowledge of how the fibers work inside the lungs and stomach. They may detail how medical concerns arise and persist due to the dangers of such materials. The expert witness may be used to prove how the fibers are embedded in the system during employee exposure.

It is possible that a liability claim may be brought against the manufacturer of the asbestos products. Or it could be directed against those that create the safety equipment if such equipment is defective. In either case, a lawyer must be hired for these cases to be successful in holding the manufacturer responsible. Contact the Vinson Law Office today for legal advice and representation.





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