Meso Link With Cause

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2019 at 11:54 am    

When an individual inhales asbestos this is generally the direct way to contract mesothelioma. The victim thus has a valid claim against a company for using such hazardous materials and may receive compensation. For a valid claim it is necessary to be able to connect the illness with the cause of asbestos inhalation.

When a person gets mesothelioma they usually have some form of contact with asbestos where the fibers enter their body. The most common areas to suffer injury because of these fibers are the lungs and esophagus.

One article states, “The direct connection occurs by inhaling the fibers of asbestos, but the damage caused by this action is severe. The lining of the lungs will sustain severe harm because the fibers will change and warp the genetic makeup of a person and then create and duplicate cancer cells. The DNA injury from this contact is usually irreversible. Some may require medical services for the rest of their lives. Others become a guinea pigs for lab research.”

Making the Meso Link

In order for a lawsuit to progress in court it is necessary for the victim to prove that there is a direct link between the exposure and mesothelioma. It is important to realize that just the damage to the body is not sufficient evidence to demonstrate the link. Therefore, it’s necessary to use an expert medical witness to tell the court of the link between exposure and mesothelioma. To enlist the services are such an expert medical witness you would need representation by a mesothelioma attorney Tampa.

The expert witness will explain the form of exposure the victim suffered, the rate of harm within the body. Additionally, the expert will provide information on the severity of harm based on the body location where the mesothelioma starts. Using an expert witness increases the strength of the argument on a claim.

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