Mesothelioma News: Netherlands’ ban and roof removal

Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2017 at 6:16 am    

Mesothelioma News: Netherlands’ roof removal

 Officials in the Netherlands continue to eliminate asbestos materials from city infrastructure. This is despite the fact that the Netherlands has banned asbestos for some twenty two years now. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Netherlands reports high rates of asbestos related deaths. The removal of asbestos roofs has been ordered by January 1, 2024 by officials. The Netherlands ban on asbestos roof and removal applies to the outside asbestos containing materials. Such asbestos containing materials include, corrugated sheets and slate roofing. However, it does not apply to the inside of the roofs or ceilings with asbestos boards and roof insulation. The government has taken the stand to subsidize some of the asbestos removal costs, but in as much as this will help experts predict that the Federal financial help is not enough.  

Netherlands ban on asbestos roofing

Netherlands ban on asbestos roofing

A technical advisor for the Dutch Group Committee for Asbestos Victims; Donald de Vreere, stated that “the goal is no asbestos in the city.” He fully supports the move of asbestos roof removal by 2024.

Netherlands ban – Asbestos Disturbance

The main reason for the roof removal and ban is as a result of the asbestos roofs on buildings being disturbed. Disturbance of the asbestos is caused by different weather conditions, wear and tear as a result of depreciation and natural disasters that have occurred. Bad weather conditions such as hail, high winds and freezing rain have led to the disturbing of the asbestos roofs. Further, the asbestos roofs are said to have a life span of up to thirty years. And the majority of the roofs have been in existence longer that the thirty year lifespan. Therefore, replacement is long overdue. Furthermore, recent fires have caused disturbance to these roofs and resulted in the release of asbestos fibers into the air.




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