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What makes carcinogens, Carcinogens?

According to, the word carcinogen means a substance or agent that causes cancer. Some common carcinogens are asbestos, tobacco, radiation, etc. This article will discuss how carcinogens are determined. It’s interesting that the American Cancer Society states on its…

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Toxic Tort 1 Introduction

A toxic tort is a legal claim that results from exposure to a dangerous substance. This can include pesticides, chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs. Despite advancements in technology, manufacturing and medicine, these introduce thousands of new products into our lives some…

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Removal of Asbestos in Your Home

The dangers of asbestos have been clear for many decades now. Everyone at some point breathes in traces of asbestos daily because it is naturally found in the environment. However, exposure to significant amounts of asbestos can have serious health…

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Toxic Substances and Injury Claims

In order to determine who is liable for damages in a toxic tort case it is important to know who caused the problem. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are affected by toxic substances every year. Hiring a lawyer can help…

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Mesothelioma News: Environmental exposure

Mesothelioma News: Environmental exposure  In general mesothelioma mainly affects males and is diagnosed to males at the average age of sixty years. The main reason why men are mainly affected is because of occupational exposure. Occupational exposure occurred because men…

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