Talcum Products and Ovarian Cancer 

Posted on Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 at 11:27 am    

It has been proven in many cases that talcum powder products are harmful to pregnant mothers and babies. Many investigations made provide proof that buying items that have talcum can result in serious health issues for different people. This article will discuss talcum powder product liability cases.

Talcum powder comes from talc, this is a hydrated magnesium silicate. It is commonly known as baby powder that is used to treat rashes. In addition, it is used for personal sanitization and cosmetics by many women. Because of how popular it is, many products have been created with talcum powder. However, the use of talcum powder has led to an increase in the cancer-causing substance thus injuring women and babies.

Ovarian Cancer

Talcum products have been used over the years mainly by women. As such, women have been affected specifically as the use of talcum products is closely linked to ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is said to be a direct side effect of using talcum powder products. Many of the products have warnings on them but they do not provide the necessary information. And most do not give the full warning about the possible medical issues. It is because of this that many lawsuits have been filed against companies selling these products. Such lawsuits also include other products that don’t mention that they use talcum as a part of the ingredients. Some products fail to explain how a person may be affected by such products. As a result, the manufacturing business or distributor may be liable for damages.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Lawyers that work with talcum powder product liability review cases based on side effects of ovarian cancer. Many different companies like Johnson & Johnson have been targeted because of products they sold that negatively impacted women. A successful lawsuit concluded against Johnson & Johnson paid out $17 million in damages to the injured person’s family. Unfortunately, some people will have to wait years to discover the effect of the use of talcum powder products. This is because symptoms and diagnosis of cancer may take years to show.





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