Timelines of an Asbestos Case Pt. 3

Posted on Thursday, February 4th, 2021 at 4:09 am    

Different asbestos cases take different times to be resolved; some may drag on for year while others may be resolved in a matter of months. The question then is, what influences the timeline of an asbestos case? This article will discuss the factors at work in determining the timelines of an asbestos case.

Factors Affecting Asbestos Case Timelines

It must be noted that there are a number of factors at work when deciding the timelines of a given asbestos lawsuit. Some cases may be harder than others. Below are some of the factors that directly impact the timeline of an asbestos case:

  • Evidence and defendants – it must be noted that some asbestos cases are more complicated than others. For example, a plaintiff who spent their career as an insulator at hundreds of different job sites has more potential defendants than a teacher who was only exposed for a few months during renovations at school. As a result, the insulator’s case is likely to take much longer than the teacher’s case. This is because of the number of defendants as well as witnesses involved in the case. In addition, the extent and quality of the evidence has a direct impact on the timeline of the case. Your attorney will need to gather evidence related to the asbestos case. Such evidence will include the plaintiff’s testimony, witness testimony, plaintiff documents and the defendant’s documents. The case may require the services of an expert witness or more than one expert witnesses. Where there is a large amount of evidence it will need to be reviewed by both sides. In addition, it may even lead to more defendants. When more are added to the case, they have a right to time to prepare their defense. Doing this may need moving the trial date.

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