Toxic Tort Cases: Evidence

Posted on Monday, December 7th, 2020 at 2:38 pm    

A toxic tort is a type of personal injury that is as a result of being exposed to a harmful substance. If you are a victim of toxic substance exposure you may have a right to compensation. This by way of a toxic tort. However, it is necessary to prove that the harmful substance caused your injury, and such proof needs evidence. This article will discuss evidence needed to prove a toxic tort case.

As noted above, the toxic tort is the result of a person being exposed to a harmful substance that poses a danger to that person. Exposure can include a person swallowing, inhaling or having skin contact with harmful substances. Harmful substances may include asbestos, chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to the body. In other instances, a toxic tort can result from a leak or an accident with harmful substances.

Information is Power

An important factor in proving exposure is having the right information and detail. Such information and detail must relate to:

  • where the person was exposed – there must be evidence of high or low levels of chemicals that the person had access to. Or that could have splashed on their skin
  • How the person was exposed – whether by swallowing, ingesting or skin contact; paperwork must be given by a doctor after examination
  • Symptoms of exposure – there must be symptoms of the condition or illness. For asbestos this may include coughing, bleeding from the mouth, breathing infections, problems with breathing, etc. In other instances that may include nosebleeds, migraines, a dulling of sensors, etc. As such, medical attention will be needed in order to find out what is the cause of the symptoms. This could lead to a doctor diagnosing a person with an illness linked to chemicals found at home or work.

Other toxic torts may relate to side effects of the use of medical drugs. These often lead to class action lawsuits as they affect many patients.

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